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Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue therapy using cross-fibre moves over specific muscle and tendonous junctions in the body, in a specific order, which elicit a healing response within the body and nervous system.

Bowen Therapy originated in Australia, and was named after Australian Thomas Ambrose Bowen (Tom Bowen) after he died in 1982. Tom continued to practise and refine his work throughout his life, right up until his passing, and his many thousands of patients experienced such amazing healing results that his popularity and the demand for his services exploded. His amazing work has been carried on and is now taught in Australia, the US, widely in Europe, Canada, Singapore.. and other countries.

It is a gentle therapy suitable for children, pregnant, elderly, highly active sports people, tradespeople, people suffering acute or chronic injuries - in fact, ANYONE. Although gentle, the healing powers and results that may be achieved should not be underestimated.



The range of conditions Bowen may assist with is seemingly endless. A few are noted below, but feel free to get in touch and ask:


  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Pain or injury anywhere else in the body

  • Acute injury e.g. sprained ankle, shoulder or elbow injury

  • Sports Injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Balancing hormones

  • Chronic conditions e.g. fibromyalgia, chronic long-held back pain; bulging discs

  • Tension, anxiety, stress, trauma

  • Asthma in children, infants, adults

  • Colic in babies

  • Birth trauma in babies (after stressful or difficult delivery)

  • Post-birth for mothers to help their bodies to return to normal quicker



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