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What to Expect at Your First Consultation

Your first appointment with me will involve discussion about why you have come to see me. I will take a medical history to learn about any other conditions you have (which often surprisingly may also benefit from Bowen even if I am not specifically treating them) and also enquire about old injuries, breaks, falls, surgeries, on-set of pain or symptoms, causes etc.

I will do some assessments to help me find the actual site or sites of dysfunction that need treating. After this you will lay comfortably on a massage table and I will begin the treatment.  


The treatment consists of short sequences of 'rolling' type moves over the soft tissues, in specific locations to help provoke a specific healing response. The moves are often over tendinous junctions but also over muscles, ligaments and occasionally nerves.

The treatment is quite gentle and usually painless.

Treatment can be performed directly on the skin or through light-weight clothing.

I often prefer to work directly on the skin so that I can see and feel the tissues and see any swelling, tightness etc more easily, which assists me to deliver a more targeted treatment for your needs.  Draping with towels and blankets is given for your comfort.

There may be pauses in the treatment to allow your body to 'process' the information I have given it, before I give it more input. The tissues begin to respond and relax almost immediately, to whatever degree your body is ready.

Many conditions may resolve or respond within just one session. Some will take a few sessions.



“I have not needed to take pain killers, not even Panadol since you have been treating me. Not bad considering I was on prescription anti-inflammatories.”

Teresa  B.  (after 3 months)

“I have suffered from chronic lower back pain after a serious car accident 9 years ago. I was quite skeptical of trying something new as physio and chiro hadn't worked but after a few treatments I am now pain free! Thank you Grace for giving me this amazing gift!”

Emily H. (after 3 treatments)

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