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Testimonials from happy clients


Here are a sample of testimonials from some happy clients. 



Chronic lower back pain, sore shoulder, unable to take a deep breath


"Grace is AMAZING! I saw her last week with a pain in the back - was not able to bend down to perform simple tasks like getting in and out of the car comfortably. After the first session, I was surprised to see the results - the pain had gone by 60% and frozen back was flexible enough to be able to comfortably perform all day to day tasks comfortably.

After second session, held yesterday, all the pain and stiffness was gone.

Apart from that, Grace figured out some more issues and resolved them at the same time like breathing difficulties resulting from tender chest muscles and sore shoulder.

I’m so happy that I took decision to see her and actually feeling that I gave a big favour to my body."

Alex S.


Digestive issues, abdominal pain, lock jaw


“I've been in pain or ill almost my entire life, I've had surgery, seen every specialist, nothing worked before Grace. Since my first session I've started living a whole new life, I have no more pain, I have more energy, my immune system is better, it used to be a struggle to get out of bed but now I can actually make it the whole day without doubling over in pain. She's fixed my stomach, my jaw, my scars, my flat-feet... I'm pretty sure there's nothing she can't do. Her drive, passion and belief in what she does are inspiring and really make you feel hopeful for a better life. Thank you Grace."

Alli M.


Degenerative Neck Condition


"After many years of needing regular chiropractic treatments for a spine with degenerative problems, I saw Grace for some Bowen Therapy treatment and have been very impressed with the results. My back, shoulder and neck pain has reduced substantially and the odd time that I have felt like a problem may be developing, a treatment with Grace has resolved it almost immediately.  Additionally, a rib injury that has caused ongoing pain over the last few years has markedly improved after Grace's treatment, something that other health professionals have failed to achieve. Bowen therapy is an effective,  gentle and relaxing experience and I will continue to seek Grace's professional and caring approach into the future. "

Karen L.


Baby/Toddler Asthma (chronic condition)


"My [2 year old] baby was not well, asthma was playing up. A sore throat and irritable beyond normal. Grace came straight over to give him a treatment and he slept for the next 4 hours! He hadn't slept half the night (12+ a night is normal). Once he woke up he was his happy playful self and his breathing wasn't as loud as it had been! Thank you Grace."

Shaona B.

Constipation / Cerebral Palsy


"My 7 yr old daughter, H, has grade 4 cerebral palsy (which means it's moderate to severe). H has suffered night cramps in her feet (an unfortunate symptom of CP) ever since the age of 18 months old. Many things have been tried over the years, including Botox, Physiotherapy, Nurofen, Special night splints, massage, and Diazepam. Nothing has been very effective, and I've been at the end of my rope with exhaustion from all the night wakings. After Bowen therapy worked so well for the torn tendons in my shoulders from lifting my daughter, I decided to give it a go for her cramps. H has been seeing Grace on a fortnightly basis for the past 6 months and the results have been incredible. Not only does H hardly ever have night cramps, but she is now also able to do supported walking with flat feet (her feet had been too stiff to sit flat on the floor before), and her legs - which were always stiff - are now very loose and flexible! Happy daughter, happy mother. I love Bowen!
On a side note - H also suffers chronic constipation. A couple weeks ago she hadn't had a bowel motion in 10 days, and even the laxatives weren't working. Grace did a very simple constipation procedure on H, and 20 minutes later H passed a massive poo!"

Kristy K.

Chronic Lower Back Pain (after bulging disc problem)


"I had a bad back for years [since a bulging disc problem several years prior]. Since getting treatment from Grace, I have felt fantastic."

Darren C.


Back/neck/shoulder pain, scar tissue, ankles


"Grace has done wonders for my whole body. Went to see her because my bad posture was causing me some aches and pains... she has improved my posture so much and has helped with so many other issues! I have problems with my ankles after many injuries, but she has helped improve pain and stability. constantly helping a 10 month old baby (constant hunched over) had my lower back in agony, I have not had any lower back pain for weeks (despite still helping bub walk), and she somehow even helped me regain feeling/control in my lower abdomen after 2 c-sections had left me numb. On top of helping with the issues I went to her looking for help with she has helped with so many other things due to her whole-body approach to treatment. Grace has magic in her hands!"

Jessica B.

Chronic Neck Pain 


“I was living each and every day with pain and thought this is what my life was going to be like, then one night a friend of mine was talking on Facebook about Bowen Therapy and how it's helped her. I asked for some contact information and made contact with Grace. After my first visit I left feeling so much better than when I walked in and made a follow up appointment for the following week. I've now seen Grace three times and feel like a new person. I will be continuing with my treatment as it's certainly made a huge improvement to the way I'm feeling. Thanks a million Grace.”

Adam J.


Chronic Lower Back Pain (after car accident)


“I have suffered from chronic lower back pain after a serious car accident 9 years ago. I was quite skeptical of trying something new as physio and chiro hadn't worked but after a few treatments I am now pain free! Thank you Grace for giving me this amazing gift!”

Emily H.


Numbness in limb, unable to work


"I had been in a number of accidents… multiple motor bike crashes, broken bones, sprains and work related injuries. I had chronic back pain, shoulder and neck pain along with a completely dysfunctional leg I had lost most of feeling in. I was no longer able to work and had lost the ability to do most of the day to day activities that brought me joy. I spent years seeing various doctors seeking relief from my pain, all which provided nothing of value, wasting nothing but time and money I could not afford to spend! One day a stumbled across BOWEN WITH GRACE and instantly got the feeling that she could provide something of value and help me, so I booked an appointment! Much to my surprise, she immediately found a number of causes for my symptoms and began making the necessary corrections. Each session I left feeling lighter and more pain free, and in short time, I had my lively hood, body, and zest for life back." 

Josh W.


Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Migraines


“I have not needed to take pain killers, not even Panadol since you have been treating me. Not bad considering I was on prescription anti-inflammatories.”

Teresa B.


Inflamed appendix, Nervous Tension and more


"My experience has been amazing! It truly has done wonders for the issues I faced when I started seeing Grace. I no longer have issues with an inflamed appendix. It doesn't bother me at all anymore! Everything I had done has changed my life! I really can't thank Grace or Bowen enough!!"

Shaona B.

Sjogrens/Lupus, Migraines, Fibromyalgia


"I have suffered from the effects of Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome for over 12 years.  The best mainstream medicine could offer me is a holding pattern to try and limit the progression of the symptoms.  As I was in increasing levels of pain and discomfort from migraines and constant headaches as well as constantly aching muscles and joints, I decided to see Grace to try Bowen.
The results have truly amazed me.  From the very first treatment the pain decreased and my energy levels increased.  I now only see Grace when my conditions go through a flare up, and her treatments help relax the muscles and reduce the severity of my headaches immensely. 
Today I'm in a much healthier place thanks to Grace's caring and professional therapy."

Phil S.


Bells Palsy, Tendonitis, Depleted Energy


"I had Bell's Palsy for over six months and had stopped seeing any further improvements. I was not able to go back to work full time as I was always exhausted. I wasn't able to get out very often on the weekend either and was becoming very frustrated and despondent. A friend suggested I see Grace and try Bowen Therapy. 

Grace took the time to get full background information about past illnesses  and all my ailments. She worked on improving my general wellbeing, energy level and specifically the tendinitis in both my feet which had flared up again and was causing me pain and making me hobble as I walked. Grace treated my feet, calf, hamstring and pelvis over four sessions and my feet are in the best condition they have been for many years.  I am starting to organise more outings and catching up with friends too. Grace showed me exercises to help with my feet and techniques to help me relax. 

Thank you Grace for everything you have done for me!"

Ann F.

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