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About Grace

Grace Billing

Soft Tissue Therapist

Grace has been practising Bowen Therapy for several years, and since starting has reinvested heavily into further learning, including complimentary soft tissue therapies such as Applied Myoskeletal Therapy and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release technique.


Grace has a passion for helping people and relieving suffering, and this drives her to be the best therapist she can be. This is evident in her level of client care, and the outcomes achieved for most clients.


Grace’s clientele vary from the very young through to the elderly. Many are in the prime of their lives such as sports people recovering from injury or wanting to perform at their best.

Most commonly she treats back and neck pain, but also deals with shoulder pain and restriction, hip pain, headaches and migraines, plantar fasciitis, and even thumb pain! The list is almost endless.


Learn more about Grace on her public Facebook page (you don’t need to be a member of Facebook to view). Have a read of some of her Facebook reviews here.


Volunteering to treat bushfire affected persons in Adelaide January 2015.

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